The Food Rescue Robot

Just-in-Time Food Rescue Tracking

About The Robot

The robot is a web-application for scheduling, routing, and tracking just-in-time food rescue. It was developed by volunteers of Boulder Food Rescue, an all volunteer non-profit organization located in Boulder, Colorado. Although originally used exclusively by Boulder Food Rescue, the robot is now used by multiple organizations around the world, fighting malnutrition and food waste with love, community, and bicycles. If you'd like to start a food rescue group in your town, shoot an email to info at boulder food rescue dot org and we can set you up with an account on here. If you're a super-diy sort and want to hack on the source you can do that too.


  • Number of Cities Using the Robot: 37
  • Total Food Pickups To Date: 129 Thousand pickups
  • Total Food Rescued: 20.6 Million lbs
  • Number of Volunteers: 2.87 Thousand volunteers
  • Number of Recipient Organizations: 742
  • Number of Donor Organizations: 990